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You Terrorists!
An open letter the terrorists, who the do you pieces of shit think you are? Do you think that going
around and causing chaos is going to win you any support ? What do
you think you are really going to achieve from these actions ? Let
me tell you the only things you will achieve –
1) Short term (rest of the day)
confusion and chaos at epicentre
2) Maybe if your
lucky a few weary travelers around the world.
3) More people against your ideals which also
means further hatered and unneccessary racism, so by your
actions to an ‘evil‘ capitalist country that
is opressing you, you are really just further inciting and
opressing yourselves !
In short F.CK YOU
Thanks and may we
fight every last one of you till you are no more and your then your
true judgement day will come
Just one of majority around the world
who is rightly pissed off at your actions and wants justice – I
hope you can never go anywhere without looking over your
shoulder…. Everyone you see could be getting ready to get their
revenge, don’t forget that – you are the small, minute minority –
we will always hold the power (sweet dreams arsehole!)
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