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Welcome 2011

2010 has come and gone. It is a little bit unbelievable really, my little girl has turned 1 she runs around the house and climbs up onto practically everything that she feels is necessary to climb on (read EVERYTHING).
I don’t have any New Years resolutions and as far as I’m concerned I’m the luckiest man around town. I have a wife whom I adore and it is easy to see she loves me, a wonderful funny and inquisitive little girl, the worlds best job, and an iPhone what else could I need!

So on that note Happy New Years! Happy New Year Holiday - The Bells Are Ringing It In

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Christmas Holidays

So I’ve got a couple of weeks off work. Time to spend with
my two favorite girls Jo & Mary. We have been taking the
opportunity to catch up with relatives first morning tea with my
Mum & Dad then a trip up to Bluey’s Beach (mid north coast
near Forster) then a further leg to Orange for Christmas itself.
Has so far been an enjoyable time with not much more planned just a
good excuse for a rest and to play around with my newish iPhone.
So, what would be Christmas without a gingerbread house?

Speaking of foodstuffs I had some damn good
dinners over the last week or so. BBQ Marinated butterflied lamb,
bacon & French toast, roast turkey, and

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Days by the Ocean

Days by the Ocean
by Raymond J. Bartholomeuz (1986)

In the steammy, sensual rivercave of my mind
I stumble, I stagger, I stammer
Like some crazy South Korean circus clown
Lost, lonely, lifeless, laconically lazy
Marooned, marooned
I’m on a lagoon
I am an island
I am an isthmus
I come from Bermuda
I don’t believe in christmas
look out oh sinister holy man
look out oh righteous Bolshevik
I care no longer for your petty problems
I make my own decisions now
Today I laugh, I joke, I chitter chatter chitter
But tomorrow, tomorrow I go to Phillip Island

Everytime I hear this poem my first memory is of my brother absolutely cacking himself to the point I thought he would mess his pants. Then it just got funnier when the young kid when on and did a cracking rendition of it himself. Hands down the funniest piece of Australian poetry I’ve every heard. Man I miss Hey Hey It’s Saturday.


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Located Chocolate

Eating a block of chocolate I found in the fridge, no idea how long it has been in there for but I am going to eat it nonetheless.

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Have you ever travelled outside the country you were born in?

Have you ever travelled outside the country you were born in?

I travelled to the United States of America armed with my Canon PowerShot A400.

I flew SYD – LAX then took a connecting flight to JFK. I stayed at the Ramada Jersey City NJ, it was only a stones throw away from New York City NY, and then from there I caught a bus from Manhattan’s china town and travelled up the New England (I toured Boston MA, New Hampshire NH, Vermont VT, and Maine ME).

In New York City I did all the touristy things – I rode on the subway, walk up and down Manhattan, caught a yellow taxi, went to the 86th floor of the Empire State building, attended the American Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Modern Art, experienced a circle line cruise, and went to the amazing Guggenheim Museum. If you are going here do yourelf a favour and by a New York CityPASS booklet it saves so much time not having to queue up for tickets to enter the sites of NYC.

Then onto Boston, I wasn’t planning on learn anything just wanted a relaxing trip of sightseeing however I was quite impressed with how British Boston was (it makes sense being that colonists from England founded the city, but as an Australian you just get these images from the media of American holding its own American close to its heart and the contrast between NYC and Boston was vast – NYC being the typical America I expected and Boston being like England) and the history of Boston I found really interesting. I saw Privateers (legal pirates) and learnt about the American Revolution, walked past and soaked up the atmosphere of some great colleges – Harvard (call me a snob or a WASP if you must but there is something amount the idea of having an Ivy League degree is so romantic – come on Mark Zuckerberg went there), MIT (some of the greatest ‘geeks’ of all time have walked through those hallways including Buzz Aldrin, Robert Metcalfe, and Ray Tomlinson just to name a few), Boston U (Alexander Graham Bell, Martin Luther King, Jr. need I say more?).

Whilst in Maine I stayed at Freeport for a few days at a delightful suite just a short walking distance from all the factory outlet shopping fun Freeport has to offer. The gardens were lovely & I felt I was really made to feel welcome, the breakfast was on another level of yum! If you are ever if Freeport give it a try –

It was the middle of Autumn (or as it is called over there Fall) when I went there were however still plenty of flowers in bloom & the colours were lovely.

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