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American Pie

Yeah, yeah I know…
Its real old know, but its relevant for two
  1. Because it’s
    MY blog and I say
    it is
  2. Because there is a
    new one out on DVD !!!

Have been watching the American Pie triology – or so I
thought it was only a triology – turns out another one has been
released recently I saw it the other night and it’s nothing
special, I guess when you think about it that is to be expected
really, whenever something of that magntude comes along the
production houses will always try and make more ca$h of it even if
what they are selling is a flop. This is one of these cases 110%

flop, it blows big time. They’ve tried too hard to make something
that they think people will like and missed the mark. Stifler’s
little brother, Matt has nothing at all on Steve – straight up
Steve Stifler was and always be the king the stuff that comes out

of his mouth is A grade quality gold. No questions about

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Posted by on November 27, 2005 in Entertainment


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