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Tips for others – Family

Tips for
Just some small tips for others – no matter what
happens in your life, whether or not you always agree with them,
the only people you really have at the end of it all is your
family, and no matter what you might think at one stage or another
they will always be there to look out for you when push comes to
shove. Times may get tough, and you may not think you’ve got much
going for you I can promise that your family will be there if you
just ask.
You might have had a big fight with your mum about
going out and think that you never want to see her face again but
when you think about it your family isn’t just restricted to your
blood relatives – your family includes your friends and your blood
relatives relatives…
The three hardest words someone will ever have to say
sometimes are ‘I love you’ but no matter
how difficult it might seem to put aside your differences, choose
to disagree on that point and build a bridge to move on and get
over it. Its the most important thing you’ll ever have to say
because nobody’s time on this earth is indefinate, and you never
know when you walk out that door – you might not walk back in or
worst still you might never see the person you left behind again –
how do you say to a box of timber ‘I love you
or ‘I’m sorry‘ ?? You can’t, and its you that
will have to live with that in your mind for the rest of your time
here. This time is precious use it wisely – don’t just think about
yourself, make time for others and do something you wouldn’t
normally do, not so you gain something but so that you make a
difference to someone else.
In a hundred years time nobody is going to care about
how much money you have in your bank account, or how big a house
you lived in, but they will care about how you made a difference to
someone else’s life. So next time you see someone in your family
that you don’t see eye to eye with or even for that matter someone
special in your life that you might neglect more that you should –
take the time to say ‘i love you’ and
show them that by doing something special – even if its something
small to prove you love them……..
Trust me on this one – It really does make a difference
And for all those whom have in
their own unique way made a difference to my life – I love
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